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Towanda, PA

We were honored to be a part of the Morey Wedding. Though we had to deviate from the bride and groom's original plan, we were able to redesign and replan this amazing day for them with a lot of flexibility and teamwork. The happy couple is truly loved and supported, so many people volunteered their time to make this day happen. 

We especially loved working with the bride's sister, Lauren Egleston, who - even in our fourth event working together - managed to make this the most special event we have collaborated on!

We would also like to thank:

Caters - Endless Mountain Catering

Videographer - Kacey Sue Norton Ten Trails Media

and the very talented photographer - Kara Abbey

who all worked cohesively as a team to make this event happen. We at Legacy Design&Events truly appreciate the village it took to make the Morey Wedding so wonderful for all involved.

To view more photos from the Morey Wedding please visit & follow the very talented photographer's blog:

Photographer: Kara Abbey Photography

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